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Dr. Marc Faber - Founder of “The Gloom Boom & Doom Report”

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Dr Marc Faber was born in Zurich, Switzerland. He went to school in Geneva and Zurich and finished high school with the Matura. He studied Economics at the University of Zurich and, at the age of 24, obtained a PhD in Economics magna cum laude.

Between 1970 and 1978, Dr Faber worked for White Weld & Company Limited in New York, Zurich and Hong Kong.

Since 1973, he has lived in Hong Kong. From 1978 to February 1990, he was the Managing Director of Drexel Burnham Lambert (HK) Ltd. In June 1990, he set up his own business, MARC FABER LIMITED which acts as an investment advisor and fund manager.

Dr Faber publishes a widely read monthly investment newsletter "The Gloom Boom & Doom Report" report which highlights unusual investment opportunities, and is the author of several books including “ TOMORROW'S GOLD – Asia's Age of Discovery” which was first published in 2002 and highlights future investment opportunities around the world. “ TOMORROW'S GOLD ” was for several weeks on Amazon's best seller list and is being translated into Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai and German. Dr. Faber is also a regular contributor to several leading financial publications around the world.

A book on Dr Faber, "RIDING THE MILLENNIAL STORM", by Nury Vittachi, was published in 1998.

A regular speaker at various investment seminars, Dr Faber is well known for his "contrarian" investment approach.

He is also associated with a variety of funds and is a member of the Board of Directors of numerous companies.

Marc Faber Bio

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February 28, 1946


Alma mater

University of Zurich


Investment analyst

Marc Faber (aka Dr. Doom, born February 28, 1946[1]) is an investment analyst and entrepreneur born in Zürich, Switzerland.


Faber was born in Zurich and schooled in Geneva, Switzerland where he raced for the Swiss National Ski Team. He studied Economics at the University of Zurich and, at the age of 24, obtained a Ph.D. degree in Economics magna cum laude[2]. Faber resides in Thailand and is best known for the Gloom Boom Doom newsletter and web site featuring "Dance of Death" paintings created by Kaspar Meglinger.

During the 1970s Faber worked for White Weld & Company Limited in New York City, Zürich, and Hong Kong. He moved to Hong Kong in 1973. He was a managing director at Drexel Burnham Lambert Ltd Hong Kong from the beginning of 1978 until the firm's collapse in 1990. In 1990, he set up his own business, Marc Faber Limited. Faber now resides in Thailand, though he keeps a small office in Hong Kong.

Faber has gained a reputation as a contrarian investor. He has become a frequent speaker on various TV programs and forums in recent years.

Marc Faber Ltd.

Faber's company, Marc Faber Limited, acts as an investment advisor company concentrating on value investments with tremendous upside often based on contrarian investment philosophies. Faber also invests and acts as a fund manager to private wealthy clients. Faber is a regular speaker on the investment circuit, often quoted in the financial press for his non-conformist viewpoint and alternative investment philosophies. His current — if eccentric — tagline is: 'buy a $100 US bond and frame it to teach your children about inflation by watching the US bond value diminish to almost nothing over the next 20 years'.

Faber is famous for advising his clients to get out of the stock market one week before the October 1987 crash.

His market advice since 2000 is quite accurate and he predicted the rise of oil, precious metals, other commodities, emerging markets and especially China in his book (Tomorrow's Gold: Asia's Age of Discovery). He also correctly predicted the slide of U.S. dollar (since 2002) and the 5/06 and 2/07 mini-corrections. He states that there are few value investments available now, except for farmland and real estate in some emerging markets like Argentina and Vietnam. He believed in early 2007 that a major market correction was "imminent." (Fox News, 2-2007); however, by 5/2007 he was saying that the U.S. equities were moderately overvalued -less so than the emerging markets.

He is extremely critical of the Fed's inflationary actions. However, his recent views are almost deflationary except for holding precious metals.


Faber writes the monthly investment newsletter The Gloom Boom & Doom Report. He has also authored several books.

Dr. Faber is a regular contributor to several leading publications around the world, Forbes and "International Wealth" which is a sister publication of the "Financial Times" amongst them. He also contributes to several websites, such as Financial Intelligence and Asian Bond Portal, to name two. Others include Forbes, Die Welt, Finanzen, Boerse, AME Info, Swiss Radio, Apple Hong Kong and Taiwan, Quamnet, Winners, Wealth and Oriental Daily. These, he writes on a regular basis. He also writes occasionally for the Herald Tribune, Wall Street Journal and Borsa E Finanza.[4] Marc Faber's comment on US economy.