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Biography of Felix W. Zulauf

Founder and President of Zulauf Asset Management AG

Felix W. Zulauf, born 1950, has worked in the financial markets and asset management for almost 40 years. He started his investment career as a trader for a large Swiss Bank and received training in research and portfolio management thereafter with several leading investment banks in New York, Zurich and in Paris. Felix joined Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS), Zurich, in 1977 and held several positions over the years including managing global mutual funds, heading the institutional portfolio management unit and at the same time acting as the global strategist for the UBS Group. After two years with a medium-sized Financial Organization as a member of the executive board, he founded his wholly owned Zulauf Asset Management AG in 1990, allowing him to independently practice his own individual investment philosophy. 

In 2001, he made two of his staff members to partners and sold the majority of his company to them in steps and acted only as advisor from 2003 onwards. Mr. Zulauf focused on macro and strategic issues within the firm. In spring 2009 Zulauf Asset Management was split in two parts and Felix Zulauf fully owns the split-off Zulauf Asset Management AG focusing on managing a conservative global macro fund as well as some advisory activities to selected family offices and institutions. 

Felix Zulauf always believed that the world economy and the financial markets move in cycles. That has helped him avoiding all the major casualties in the financial markets since the 1973/74 bear market in equities. He is a member of Barron’s Roundtable for over 20 years. 

He is married and has two grown-up children.

Company Info

Zulauf Asset Management AG

ZULAUF ASSET MANAGEMENT AG was founded in 1990 and is fully owned by Felix W. Zulauf as an independent investment manager seeking absolute return.

In 1996 the firm launched its first hedge fund and further funds followed later on. After selling a majority in steps to two of his staff members, Felix W. Zulauf split away from them in 2009 to regain full ownership of
ZULAUF ASSET MANAGEMENT AG and pursue his independent way of managing money.


The firm manages a global fund seeking absolute return in a conservative way and invests worldwide in liquid assets only.

Progress in economies and capital markets is not linear but cyclical. Financial markets go through long valuation cycles from over- to undervaluation over time spans of 15-25 years.

During a business cycle, the economy goes through different stages and so do the prices of the different asset classes and assets. A comprehensive analysis of economic and market trends leads to the conclusion of where the economy is in its business cycle and to specific ideas of what asset classes should rise or fall in value.

There are essentially four different areas of market analysis. The monetary framework shows what amount of liquidity is available for investments in assets. Valuation indicates the level of potential risk and reward. Momentum measures the health of a trend and sentiment is best used as a contrary indicator when it goes to extremes.

Our basic position is to at least preserve capital under the most severe circumstances and to earn a decent return on the capital invested in absolute terms over a full cycle and beyond.
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